Lab #6

Step one: create a scene

Walking to the dining hall for breakfast trying not to scratch the itchy mosquito bites from the night before. The smell of the vile green eggs with the side of greasy potatoes was what filled the air as we approached our destination after our twenty minute walk. Enjoying my life as a twelve year old, laughing and smiling with my best friends. We sat down to sing the wonderful opening prayers until my heart dropped. I could overhear my unit head and camp director say my name and just then they called me over. I was able to see the confused looks on my friends’ faces as I was taken away, I was not baffled, I knew exactly what was happening. I got a bunch of flashbacks of my life, all the happy memories with my mom until they broke the news, my mom died that morning. My favorite place on earth became my living nightmare. I though I was going to faint, however I remained quiet and did not have any emotion. The death caused me to become who I am today and even though I went through ups and downs there are many different ways to cope with grieving.

Step two: Using Hyperlinks/Combining sources

After suffering the death of a parent, people could be impacted by developing a mental illness such as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). The grief process could impact people in different ways although for cases that involve PTSD and if that is the case psychotherapeutic and psychiatric help should be looked upon. (more common)-> study shows

PTSD and PTG (Post-Traumatic Growth)–> PTG, adversity ability to bounce back after event


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