Lab #8

Part One: Organizing your ideas

How does the death of a parent as an adolescent impact the future life of the child?

  • How does one interact with a teenager in the grieving process?
  • How common/unique is the death of a parent as a teenager?
  • How does one cope with a large event where a parent should attend?
  • What support is needed?
  • What are different reactions teenagers could get?
  • What are the emotions?
  • How could emotions lead to psychological disorders?
  • Could the death of a parent influence the well-being of the child?
  • What is the most common illness after the death of a parent?
  • What is a psychological illness?

Part Two: It’s all about scenes & Part Three: Organize your scenes

List of scenes:

  • Discovering my mom’s death as I was about to eat breakfast at camp, my happy place
  • Going to the family hope and cope psychologist and walking out of the room
    • Being forced to get psychological help when it was unwanted and wanted to be alone
  • Being in palliative care, sleeping there for nights
  • The Shiva house, sitting on the uncomfortable chairs (Frogalina)
  • The funeral, no tears, there to support other family members
  • Bullies in high school laughing at me that I don’t have a mom
    • Living in fear that someone will hurt me, rumors behind my back, did stupid things to make me feel better
  • Ran the bereavement group in high school for other students who lost a parent
  • Seeing the ambulances outside Brady’s house as his mom was getting taken away from him and his family
    • Hearing the news that Debbie won’t be coming home
  • Having panic attacks very often re-picturing/ imaging the situation.
  • Thinking everything I do will trigger something else and leave in constant fear and panic
  • Recurrent memories and flashbacks to the event

Part Four: Creating an Outline




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