1. My field of study is General Social Science which involves diverse programs that will help for future as well as getting skills to discover a wider awareness of the world.
  2. The specific experience that I will be using to open my article is when I was fourteen and my mother past away from Cancer. I discovered this tragic news while I was away at Summer Camp.
  3. Why should I need to suffer from grieving the loss of a parent as an adolescent?
  4. I think this topic would appeal to a broad audience because it is not natural for readers to read or witness a teenager growing up without their mom who is the go to person. It is something that I am passionate about because I love to help people who are unfortunately going through the same experiences I needed to do. It makes this topic relevant to this time and place because people need to appreciate what they have today because it is very easy that they will be gone tomorrow and cancer is a terrible illness that sadly many families need to go through.
  5. I feel that this topic is directly related to my field of study because one section that is learnt in General Social Science is individuals within the society and psychology. It is out of the social norms to see a young child growing up without both their parents and the psychology aspects involved are the outcomes afterwards as well as the grieving process.
  6. My article could appear in a magazine or newspaper that involves a section of life and family help. If I were to write for a magazine it would be “Living with Loss”. That publication explores different situation of the grieving process and different experiences by many people had. It allows people to send in an article or poem that they wrote to possibly bring hope and healing to others. The main audience would be people who went through a loss in their family or friend group and is in need of help and comfort which makes me feel that this is a good publication because since I have experienced this, I could help people along the process.
  7. Grieving through the death of a mother is extremely difficult and as an adolescent I needed to learn to cope and grow up without having that figure there. I would like to write about how the grieving process evolves with time, whether it means needing to obtain psychological help, managing through difficult events and just managing on the everyday schedule. As an adolescent many thoughts could be going through their minds and learning how to deal with a difficult situation is the last thing expected and knowing why I am the one who had to go through this pain. It is very possible for a child that grows up without one of the parent figure could have a mental illness for their future. The thing that excites me about learning more about this topic knows that there is research conducted and discovering the results of these unique circumstances. What I hope to get out of this project is being able to help others by showing them since I can go through this, they can too. I want to write about some specific events such as the prom process, the wedding/ engagement, having children, and even basic times in our lives, like needing to go through the first girlfriend/boyfriend phase without having your mother or father figure around or the bullying that could happen in the teenage years. Parents are our comfort blankets and when they are no longer around it is very difficult but we need to make sure to make them happy every step of the way.
  8. Who I might interview:- Life Coach

    – Bereavement Groups/ Counsellor


    -Adults who experienced a death of a parent as a child

    -Hospital Social Workers for those who work in the death sector

    Where I can visit:
    – Synagogue /Church to mourn the passing

    – West Island Counselling Centre which provides counselling and help to kids and adolescents enduring difficult moods and behaviours associated with difficult situations

    -Hope and Cope, Peer Group Counselling (It is only for people dealing with Cancer)

    -Grief Counsellor for example Corrie Sirota or West Island Palliative Care Residence


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